Jeff Oakes

I am a designer, architect and social impact projects entrepreneur. Several years ago I decided to expand my experience in architecture and retail environments and focus on creating beautiful hand-woven and hand-printed textile products with gifted artisans around the world.

My studio took form in early 2008 with the vision to achieve a balance between dynamic, vital design and timeless traditions.

Become part of my journey to promote exquisite, ethically-made luxury products. Your support helps to improve the lives of entire communities: men, women and children whose artistic heritage and livelihood are at risk.

I personally engage and support artisan entrepreneurs through education projects that foster creativity, learning, innovation and interest for improving their craft, their environment and the lives of their families and communities.

I'll bring you on my travel adventures. You will meet my artisan partners and their families, and you'll get a closer look at the details behind the projects and designs we explore and produce.

I hope to inspire you and whet your appetite for experiencing the world of textiles as a place made for taking pleasure.