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There is no one word to describe how beautiful this bedding feels….so here are just a few.


“…sublime, baby-soft, better than cashmere, a tropical breeze in bed, perfect naked cozy, soul comfort, dreamy, bed nirvana, happy sleep sheets, I’ve died and gone to heaven, sleep therapy, soft as a cloud,  snuggleicious, dream plush, yummy sheets, love wrap and our favorite description  -  baby blankets for grownups…”


100% Cotton Voile Luxury

The term voile originates from the French word for veil. It is a soft sheer fabric usually made of 100% cotton. Because of its light weight, drape and breathable nature it’s often used for soft furnishing and in fashion.  

I discovered how lovely and versatile this material is on my first work adventure to India. It’s been ten years now that we’ve slept with this gorgeous north Indian and Nepalese mountain tradition of combining hand block printing with layers of voile for luxurious sleeping comfort.

It’s an old-world tradition and a timeless bedding concept. Honest and humble… and amazing to sleep in.

I can’t wait for you to try them.