55 Haus

Welcome to the launch of 55 Haus! I am excited to introduce what is a  multi-dimensional experience - a blog, Instagram and gatherings for people to exchange ideas and creative experiences in an intimate venue. This is a concept that I can take with me wherever I might be in the world.

So here we are - breathing life back into an out-of-fashion concept to create an intimate place, a salon of sorts, to bring together Art, Architecture, Home Décor, Music, Film, Literature, Podcasts, Fashion, Dance and anything else creative and compelling we come up with during the year.

My goal is to connect friends, friends of friends, and colleagues with interesting, creative and dynamic people from across the globe, masters of their craft or service. It's about fun, play and being inspired. It’s intergenerational. It's about exchanging ideas and maybe seeing the world in a new way. It's about laughing at how absurd and wonderful life can be.

The first gathering was a test to see how people would respond to the concept. We were delighted that the turnout and response exceeded our expectations. It reinforced my intuition that people want to unplug from their mobile phones, computers, Amazon and their busy lives so they can connect to interesting people in an approachable and fun environment. Our guests enjoyed meeting and getting to know our artists. Our first 55 Haus featured the fine art of Mary Ann Strandell, ceramics by Nancy Linn, vintage fabric pillows by Suzanne Barbero, jewelry by Christina DeFalco and hand-quilted bedcovers by me.

Enjoy the images in the gallery and stay tuned for our next 55 Haus salon.